- Adrienne -

   New York, NY

"I have a son and was pregnant with my daughter when Ericka came over to help me organize my son's room. I was nervous as to how I was going to make space for my newborn. Ericka came over and had some great ideas for me. In addition, she was able to organize his room so that there wasn't clutter in certain areas. I was so impressed with how hard she worked to make my son's room have space for my daughter."


You are on your way to a newly organized space!

        - Lois - 

    Queens, NY

"Ericka did an extraordinary job organizing my ever cluttered office!!! Thanks to her I can now sit at my desk, find my files and papers and work smarter. Best of all, she introduced systems that I can maintain going forward. She is creative, talented, easy to work with, completely non-judgmental and does her work with a great big smile! I recommend her wholeheartedly!!!"

client testimonies

      - Linette - 

  Bloomfield, CT

"Ericka, thank you for helping me make a step that I just didn't think I had time or could do. I really can't say thank you enough. As I sit here and work [in my office] I am clearer already! Thanks for assisting me even when I was getting overwhelmed during our session. This is a challenge for me and I am glad God gave you this gift."

        - Drew -

      Harlem, NY

"Ericka was absolutely great. She was on-time, she was courteous, she was efficient and full of good ideas. I'd refer her to other condo owners in the building."

- Oriana + Alejandro -

        Brooklyn, NY

"Ericka, it was a pleasure meeting you and we appreciate the energy and ideas you brought to us. We love the way the office space was reorganized. Now it is very functional and aesthetic. I will definitely recommend you to my friends."

- Elizabeth + Rahsaan -

         Harlem, NY

"The entire process encouraged us to think differently about space and organization. We found Ericka to be very pleasant, respectful, and look forward to working with her in the future."

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